Test Your DNA And End Infertility

Are you and your partner struggling with infertility? It might be time to pursue a more drastic course of action to make your dreams come true.

Many couples are able to combat infertility through minor lifestyle changes. But for others a higher level of medical intervention may be required.

Infertility can be caused by a number of factors and organisations like Supreme Fertility help couples target the potential causes and develop a plan of action to reverse it.

Who is Supreme Fertility?

Supreme Fertility is a biotechnology company based in Pretoria. They provide customized DNA analytics, which is specifically designed to uncover the root of the infertility issues couples face.

With the aid of leading healthcare practitioners patients will receive information about their nutritional needs, laboratory recommendations, lifestyle recommendations and fertility risks based on individual DNA findings.

Why should I visit them?

What makes Supreme Fertility unique is their focus on DNA testing. Through this form of analysis they are able to provide personalised and detailed information about what is right for individuals, based on their genes.

“What you eat, where you live, how much you sleep, and exercise can all affect your genes and switch them on or off over time.”

Finding the balance between your DNA, supplements, diet, lifestyle and conventional medicine can all contribute to your success. Supreme Fertility is designed to help couples find the right balance.

How do I contact them?

You can call Supreme Fertility on 012 940 1569 or email them at info@supremefertility.co.za. Or you can go to Supreme Fertility to find out more about the procedures and advice they offer.

By Cindy Harker

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