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Why South Africa

South Africa is different. South Africa is beautiful. The you who leaves after visiting our beautiful country won’t be the same as the you who arrived. You’ll find that there’s nothing ordinary about our country because you don’t just visit another country, you visit another culture, people, land and experience.

You will meet the wide-open beaches of the Wild Coast and the chief ancestors who have lived in the hills and mountains for a thousand years. You will meet taxi drivers and even the shebeen owner who you will never forget. You’ll meet the golden sunset as it covers everything in a soft ambient hue and you’ll reminisce of how things once were and could be again.

You’ll meet the locals in the colourful Bokaap houses in the heart of Cape Town who will write a recipe for pickled fish down for you. You will meet surfers who will tell you about the time they sat on their boards listening to a whale breathing that sounded like the heartbeat of the ocean itself. You might even get to go on a wildlife guided tour in the bush where you’ll meet some interesting animals.

South Africa is beautiful and the things you experience here will change the way you see the world and the way you live your life.

At Fertility Solutions, we would love to make fertility treatment options easily accessible for any couple who would like a child across Africa. South Africa has got some of the worlds best Fertility Clinics and specialists and we highly recommend the clinics we work with. At affordable rates and the promise of good success rates, you can now get in touch with top clinics through our simple booking process. We will take care of everything!

When you open your arms to embrace this country you’ll find that the way you came and the way you leave South Africa won’t be the same.

We look forward to welcoming you into our beautiful country.