Top 10 Reasons to Consult with a Certified Fertility Dietitian

Diet and nutrition can make a significant difference in the preconception period. Dietitians are
the food and nutrition experts with the highest level of nutrition counseling. Certified Fertility
Dietitians can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions to support your fertility
needs. Wondering if you would benefit from working with a Certified Fertility Dietitian?

  1. You are planning to start the family: Prepare your body for conception and pregnancy.
    Fertility dietitians can offer nutritional advice for your baby’s first 1000 days, optimize
    genetic programming, optimize nutrient stores, and suggest appropriate strategies. A
    healthy diet and lifestyle can positively influence lifelong health.
  2. You are healthy and want to help boost your success rate: Get personally tailored
    advice, know the foods and supplements to take.
  3. Struggling to conceive: Fertility dietitians can provide strategies for conceiving with
    conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, and thyroid problems.
  4. IVF: Globally the success rates of IVF are approximately 45-48%. Fertility dietitians are
    the right professionals to provide solution strategies to increase your chances of
    conceiving even further with the right nutrition.
  5. You have reproductive health complications: PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid conditions,
    diabetes, insulin resistance, celiac disease, and problems with ovulation are just some
    conditions which may affect your fertility. Fertility dietitians can help manage your
    symptoms and provide dietary guidance to help improve your chances of getting
  6. Weight management: Having a BMI that falls below or above the healthy ranges can
    negatively affect fertility. A fertility dietitian can help get your BMI within a healthy
    range to optimize your chances of conceiving.
  7. Food intolerances or major eliminations: Gluten free, coeliac, FODMAP, vegetarian and
    vegan are just some dietary intolerances and elimination diet examples where a fertility
    dietitian can provide solution strategies that are personally tailored to your needs.
  8. Egg freezing: To have a reasonable chance of having a baby from frozen eggs a woman
    needs to store between 10 and 35 eggs depending on her age. Fertility dietitians can
    help boost egg number and quality to make this possible.
  9. Recurrent implantation failure: Advanced maternal age, BMI, and stress levels are all
    factors that can cause recurrent implantation failure. A fertility dietitian is the best
    professional to help provide solution strategies to help you improve your chances of
    starting a family.
  10. Recurrent miscarriages: Uterine problems, immunologic factors, hormonal disorders,
    and genetic abnormalities are examples of problems that can cause recurrent
    miscarriages. A fertility dietitian will provide you with the best solution strategies to
    reduce your chances of having further miscarriages.

Take the Next Step! Dietitians can make a difference by helping you achieve your dreams of
having or extending your family. If you are wanting to review and adjust your current dietary
intake to be in-line with optimizing your fertility, book in for a Complete Nutrition
Assessment with a Registered Dietitian certified in Fertility Nutrition.
This article was provided by Sonia Malczyk, a Registered Dietitian certified in Fertility and
Prenatal Nutrition. Her private practice, Stir Health, focuses on nutrition during the First 1000
Days of life: from pre-conception all the way through to toddlerhood.

By Sonia Malczyk, MMedSci, RD
Stir Health

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