Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Support IVF Couples

By now we all know that Invitro Fertilization (IVF) requires a lot of support and positivity. The undergoing process of IVF can be stressful, taking a toll on women’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Let’s not forget that during this process, many women rely solely on their spouse for emotional support. 

Although fertility treatments can be a difficult time of process, this can put a lot of strain on couples. This too often affects and challenges many aspects of your life such as financial pressure, marital issues, sexual problems and many other reasons. 

Thoughtful ideas/gifts for someone going through the process of IVF:

IVF is one of the most difficult times for many couples. There are many ways in which you can show your support and thoughtfulness to someone that is going through the process. 

  • Scented candles reduce the level of stress and anxiety. The smell of (lavender/ lemongrass) stimulates part of the brain and reduces the level of stress and anxiety 
  • Warrior necklace/ bracelet  – This can be uniquely customized as a symbol of bravery during the difficult time of conceiving. It can also represent the strength and challenges of what women endures. 
  • A creative or gratitude journal – Having a journal will allow you to keep track of all important dates/ appointments and memories. This also allows you to write your personal experience of your IVF process instead of having to share it with others. 
  • A care package/ box – This can either be filled with anything personalized or filled with therapeutic gestures (gift card for a massage, comfy socks, bath salts/ oils, books, a card of comfort and many more)
  • Flowers/ fruit basket – One can never go wrong with some beautiful flowers and a basket filled with yummy treats. 
  • Pamper session – This is always a great way to help you relax and forget about everything just for a little while. Whilst enjoying a spa treatment, this allows your body to go into complete relaxation mode.
  • Personalized mug – Everyone loves something personalized as it is customized just for you. You can also put an encouraging verse or any motivational quote that will be inspiring. 
  • A book on IVF – This can be educational and broaden one’s aspect to many who has gone through the same/ similar situation. This can also inspire couples on the successful stories of infertility and to not lose hope. 
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