Struggling to sleep? It could be PCOS

Laying awake watching the time

It’s 4am and I’ve been tossing and turning for hours. This is the reality for so many women dealing with PCOS. During the day I cannot keep my eyes open and dream of getting to bed and the moment I get to lay my head down but, this does not happen.

Insomnia was one of the last symptoms I found that PCOS brings. Both physically and emotionally suffering with Insomnia causes so much havoc on your daily lives and as you know when you are tired your body craves extra carbs which is the absolute worse when you have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Causes of Insomnia with PCOS:

Women with PCOS may not be sleeping as well as they should because of metabolic changes they experience, especially glucose (sugar) metabolism. Also, women with PCOS may experience hormonal imbalances which can also impact their sleep.

Coping methods:

Try sticking to a sleeping schedule and avoid or limit naps throughout the day. It is also best to avoid large meals and beverages before going to bed. Limit your alcohol and caffeine intake and try to keep active throughout the day.

Treatments for insomnia:

It is always best to start with what you consume, as well as your vitamins and supplements. Increase your magnesium intake and try sleep promoting foods such as herbs or blends. Try to reduce your progesterone levels by reducing alcohol before bed and stopping all caffeine intake by noon. Blocking out artificial light in your bedroom and staying away from your phone screen is also very important. 

Most importantly try to reduce your stress levels and anything that can trigger your anxiety especially an hour before bedtime.

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