Should I Visit A Fertility Clinic?

Many couples who are struggling to conceive will eventually ask themselves this question. Whether you choose to see a fertility specialist immediately or wait it out is entirely up to you. But before you decide here are some factors to consider.

If you are reading this chances are you and your partner have had to enter the frustrating world of infertility, which is defined as the inability to conceive after a year of unprotected sex.

After the one year mark you may be considering a more radical approach to dealing with your infertility problem. The words IVF, egg donor or surrogacy may even have come up in conversation but what do these words really mean and where can you find out more?

According to the Cape Fertility Clinic there are some questions that an ordinary obstetrician or gynaecologist may not be able to answer. “The fertility clinic is far more likely to have the experience and equipment necessary to identify and treat your problem than an OB/GYN who treats only a few infertility cases each year.” – Cape Fertility website.

The difference is that infertility specialists work exclusively with couples who are struggling to conceive whereas the run of the mill gynaecologist is limited in their knowledge and experience of infertility issues.

Unfortunately a routine gynaecological examination is not enough to to determine the underlying causes of infertility, according to the specialists. If you feel that you are not getting the type of medical attention you require it might be time to see a professional who specializes in helping couples conceive.

Who is Cape Fertility?

Regarded as the top fertility clinic in South Africa Cape Fertility uses all the latest assisted techniques to help couples who are struggling with infertility. They have a high success rate and their sophisticated laboratory is equipped with state of the art facilities.

What do they offer?

Cape Fertility offers a variety of treatment options including IVF, artificial insemination, assisted hatching, egg donation, reproductive surgery and much more. Their doctors work as a group rather than as individuals which means cases are reviewed by the collective,“offering each patient the benefit of four doctors experience not just one”.

What is the cost of clinical treatments?

Every patient’s case is unique and the testing and treatment plan recommendations are based on individual circumstances. Therefore the costs can vary considerably from patient to patient. Surgery is often covered by Medical Aids in South Africa.

For more information visit the Cape Fertility Clinic website or contact them on 021 674 2088.

By Cindy Harker

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