Robynne Friedman Attorney

Robynne Friedman Attorney

Robynne Friedman Attorneys is dedicated to assisting single, gay and heterosexual intended parents in the area of surrogacy and fertility law. Whether you are trying to start a family, or increase your existing family, Robynne Friedman Attorneys will work with you and provide the personal guidance and support you need, as you navigate the often confusing and complex areas of surrogacy.

Robynne Friedman Attorneys works throughout the Republic of South Africa and has successfully completed several hundred surrogacy High Court applications.

Robynne Friedman Attorneys will guide you through the entire surrogacy process seamlessly and in a manner that removes as much risk as possible for you. Our surrogate motherhood agreements are based on Robynne’s many years of hands on experience.

The cold legalities of surrogacy law are transformed into a personal experience where our firm offers legal advice and support based on PERSONAL experience. Robynne Friedman is not just a “lawyer” she has walked the long, difficult path of infertility and surrogacy with a fierce determination that resulted in SUCCESS!

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