Overcoming Secondary Infertility

Overcoming secondary infertility

Secondary infertility describes the struggle of not being able to get pregnant after giving
birth successfully the first time around. This reality is not uncommon as women are older
when attempting to fall pregnant the second time and fertility is known to decrease with

Diagnosing secondary infertility in women
Only couples who have been trying to conceive for six months to a year after the birth of
their first child are classified as having secondary infertility. Secondary infertility may refer
to either the inability to conceive or carry a baby to term. This term only applies to women
who have previously achieved conception and delivery without the aid of fertility treatments
or medications.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximately 12% of
women have trouble falling pregnant the second time.

Why can’t I have another baby?
Many women deal with secondary infertility in silence as they may feel guilty about sharing
their feelings with those who have never given birth. In some ways secondary infertility can
be more frustrating and disheartening as they try to understand why their bodies are failing
to perform the second time around.

Signs and symptoms of infertility in women

Painful, heavy or irregular periods could be a sign of infertility. Women should also take
note of pelvic pain as this could be an indication of endometriosis or other ovulatory
Thinning hair and excessive weight gain could also be signs of hormone
fluctuation which point to fertility issues.

What should we do?
If you have been diagnosed with secondary infertility first speak to your doctor about your

You can ask your medical practitioner about ovulation calendars, lifestyle changes,
hormone replacement therapy or infertility testing.

Today there are many treatment options available for couples struggling to conceive the
natural way. At Fertility Solutions we are committed to helping you find a treatment plan
that suits your needs.

Visit our online fertility store to find the best and latest products to boost your fertility. Or
you can check out our list of Fertility Clinics around the country and make an appointment
with a fertility specialist today.

We also provide information on adoption agencies, egg donors, sperm banks, surrogacy
and dieticians in our Fertility Directory if you are seeking an alternative solution to your
infertility problem.

It will happen again

If you are dealing with secondary infertility don’t let your present condition bring you down.
The second conception may not happen as quickly or easily as it did the first time but no
two pregnancies are the same. So keep believing that you are worthy of receiving another

By Cindy Harker

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