Limpopo Fertility Clinic

Limpopo Fertility Clinic

Dr Jackson Ndhlovu

Limpopo Fertility Clinic, situated in Limpopo was founded and started by Dr Jackson Ndhlovu. Dr Jackson Ndhlovu is a gynaecologist, obstetrician and fertility specialist who practices fertility and has done it for many years. Dr Ndhlovu is the only resident fertility specialist in the private sector in Limpopo province.

He has a special interest in the prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems, underwent training in the fertility sub-specialty after completing his specialist qualification in obstetrics and gynaecology. He aims to improve and maintain the reproductive health of couples in the community.

Limpopo Fertility Clinic was founded and established in order to serve, deliver and bring couples struggling with infertility in the province some hope. There is a misconception among many people in South Africa that infertility is exclusively a woman’s problem but this is far from true. Fertility problems are as commonly associated with men and it is with women and for this reason that we strongly recommend that couples experiencing difficulties in this regard Limpopo Fertility Clinic together.

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80 Burgers Street, Polokwane, 0700


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