How To Chart Your Body Basal Temperature (BBT)

How To Chart Your Body Basal Temperature (BBT)

Here’s what you need to do to accurately chart your BBT.

If you don’t already have a basal body temperature thermometer you can get one at your local pharmacy or even order it online. The packaging of the thermometer will say basal or fertility thermometer. Once you have your BBT thermometer there are a few simple guidelines to follow to get an accurate BBT chart. The closer you get to these ideals, the more reliable your chart will be.

  1. Take your temperature when you first wake up. It should be the first thing you do when you open your eyes and stay resting while you take it.
  2. Take your temperature at the same time each morning or as close to it as you possibly can. You can set an alarm if you need to. It’s
    important to note the time your temperature was taken.
  3. Try to take your temperature after a solid good nights sleep. Choose a regular time when you’re likely to have been sleeping for a few hours.
  4. Take your temperature the same way every day. Most women prefer to take it orally but vaginally is also okay. Just be consistent.

Those are the basics to get a reliable BBT measurement. If you miss a day or two or you don’t have ideal conditions from time to time
the BBT chart can usually still interpret your pattern but it’s best to follow the guidelines as close as you can. For the most accuracy we recommend that you enter your BBT as soon as you take it. With this data you can pinpoint your ovulation date, evaluate your conception
chances and provide a reasonable date to test for pregnancy along with other insights about your cycle.

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