Baby Breakthrough

When I tested my DNA what I discovered I could not believe. Nor will you.

Article written by Debra Langley

I am about to tell you a true story. It may just save you or someone you know a lot of
unnecessary emotional turmoil.

Life as I had known it was about to change forever. I dipped the pregnancy test stick into the
stream of early morning urine and watched two bright pink lines appear. “I am pregnant!”
37 years old with two teenage daughters and an unplanned third pregnancy. “Check again,”
my husband said, “that’s not possible.” “I’ve done this before,” I uttered “It’s definitely


“Something is drastically wrong with your baby,” my gynaecologist hesitantly proclaimed.
“What do mean something is wrong with my baby?” I asked in disbelief. “All your amniotic
fluid has dried up, and that’s not a good sign.” “Can’t you see what is wrong?” I asked.
“Without the amniotic fluid, I am unable to see anything. I must refer you to another


I lay staring up at the flickering white lights as they wheeled me into surgery. I was about to
give birth to my third daughter. This time things were complicated, and I had absolutely no
idea what was about to happen. Trying to be brave, I watched the doctors prepping me for

They brought my beautiful baby girl to me, wrapped up in the standard blue and white
hospital towel. We Named her Kia Tineal. She had the face of an angel. A mop of fine black
hair, the softest skin and the tiniest fingers you have ever seen but as I unwrapped the
towel, I knew this beautiful baby couldn’t live.


The bottom half of her body was fused together into a tail just like that of a mermaid’s. Kia
was born with an extremely rare disorder called Sirenomelia which only happens 1:100 000
births. Why me? All my research and months of questioning didn’t provide the answers I


A few years later behind the dispensary counter, the talk shifted to DNA testing and some of
the other pharmacists had decided to give it a try. I was all ears. What could DNA tests
reveal? Could it provide the answers I had so desperately been seeking?


No blood, no pain and no needles involved. Just a quick and easy mouth swab to collect the
DNA sample. I had to do this.


It was not quite as expensive as I had anticipated but it would mean putting that new flat
screen TV on hold for a few more months. After all it is all about priorities, and I needed
answers. My swab was in the tube and off to the labs for analysis.

The state-of-the-art testing laboratory, calibrated to international standards had my results
ready in a few weeks. After more research and a feedback session with a professional DNA
consultant I made some startling discoveries.


I had two high risk SNPs in my methylation pathway the SHMT and MTHFR 2198C genes.
Both of these genes have a role in the conversion of folic acid into the active metabolite (5-
Methyl Tetrahydrofolate). Folate is an essential part of the methylation process and plays an
essential role in the formation of new DNA and RNA, cell division, preventing birth defects
and also has a role in the immune system, detoxification, wound healing and premature
ageing (wrinkling).

Had I known this beforehand, I could’ve reduced the risks by taking the right kind of
supplementation and optimising my diet and lifestyle accordingly, to help support these
variant genes.

If you are planning to have a baby of your own, are struggling to conceive, battling with
PCOS or recurrent miscarriages or planning an IVF or another assisted reproductive
procedure, you will find the Supreme Fertility program extremely valuable.
Discuss this option with your healthcare practitioner. Discovering the answers in your DNA
and providing the right treatment, can help you reduce the risk of miscarriage, birth defects
and bring you the joy of parenthood.

It takes approximately 90 days for the egg and 72 days for the sperm to reach full maturity.
In this critical window it is of utmost importance to limit exposure to risk factors that can
potentially damage the DNA of the egg or sperm and optimise the nutrients needed to
support development.

The Supreme Fertility DNA testing takes a look at genes affecting pregnancy and fertility in
the following areas: blood clotting, thyroid health, general fertility, PCOS, endometriosis,
hormone balance, vitamin D and calcium levels, omega 3 and 6, iron balance, methylation,
detoxification and oxidative stress. The tests are only available through registered
healthcare practitioners such as doctors, dieticians and fertility specialists.

Your health is important to you. Protect it and at the same time improve your reproductive
health with this incredibly unique, scientifically researched breakthrough in fertility. Order
your Supreme Fertility DNA test for both you and your partner today.

For more information on the Supreme Fertility program contact
or visit

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