FutureGen Laboratories

FutureGen Laboratories

We are creating a future where more and more South Africans are empowered with the right information about their reproductive genetic health.
FutureGen Laboratories, a division of the Kingfisher Medical & Kahma group, was established in January 2020 to tackle the cost and accessibility issues surrounding reproductive genetic testing services in South Africa. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge genetic solutions to the South African community, ensuring both affordability and efficiency. We take pride in being the sole reproductive genetic testing lab in South Africa with SANAS ISO 15189 accreditation. Our specialized testing portfolio covers carrier screening for family planning and advanced genetic testing for women/couples struggling to conceive. Led by industry experts and fuelled by passion, we’re committed to delivering first class genetic services to empower individuals and families. 

Why is reproductive genetic testing so important?

Reproductive genetic testing helps identify genetic disorders or conditions that may be passed on to your future children. Our genetic testing gives you this information, so you know – even before you conceive – what your risk is of having a child with a genetic disorder, and if your own genetic profile is affecting you falling pregnant or carrying a baby to full term. Our testing is for everyone looking to start a family – whether that’s today, or in years to come. The early detection of reproductive genetic risks is critical – reducing the risk of passing on genetic diseases to your future children. One in every six couples struggle with fertility issues in South Africa. We are here to support your journey with our professional and reliable service.

Our specialised testing portfolio includes proactive carrier screening before you start a family, as well as specific testing if you’re struggling to conceive, like PGT-A, PGT-M, POC and Endometrial Receptivity Testing (ER-T).

Every test has an impact – shaping not just the present, but future generations to come.

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