Fun Facts About Pregnancy

Fun Facts About Pregnancy

10 amazing facts about pregnancy.

  1. The average woman’s uterus is about the size of a peach but during pregnancy the uterus stretches to about the size of a watermelon.
  2. The placenta nourishes and protects the baby during pregnancy through the umbilical cord.
  3. The placenta will grow about 50 kilometres of blood vessels. That’s the equivalent of going up and down the Eiffel tower about eighty three times during pregnancy.
  4. Enhanced blood supply changes the pH balance of the vagina often resulting in a different lady smell.
  5. A pregnant woman’s heart can grow up to 12% to circulate extra blood for her baby.
  6. You don’t shed hair at the usual rate during pregnancy because of high levels of estrogen. You may grow hair on unwanted places like your breasts, stomach and face during the second trimester.
  7. The growing uterus starts pushing the woman’s liver bowels and stomach aside.

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