Fertility Solutions And Our Role In The Infertility Community

Fertility Solutions And Our Role In The Infertility Community

Fertility Solutions is an online Fertility Directory offering everything from finance, clinic listings, free resources, articles and advice, the latest news on infertility and pregnancy and much more.

Our various platforms are always open, allowing us to give support to those who need it, when they need it.

We offer fertility solutions through advice, articles, our social media pages, one-on-one interactions, videos and more, so that couples can make the best possible decisions about having children, considering their unique circumstances.

In South Africa one in every six couples suffer from infertility. Just because you can’t see the signs of infertility, does not mean it is not there. Many individuals suffering from infertility feel that their bodies have failed them and that they are just not good enough.

Infertility can have a negative impact on mental health, not only do people have to deal with their own anxiety, stress and frustration but they also have to face the stigma attached to the condition.

We are taught that conceiving a baby is a natural process and many grow up thinking that their fertility is a guarantee. When couples struggle to conceive, they are often ashamed and broken. We believe in creating fertility awareness and enjoy bringing real facts to real people struggling to fall pregnant.

All people challenged on their family building journey should feel empowered by knowledge, supported by our community, united by advocacy, and inspired to act. There are many causes of infertility and this can range from different things such as genetics, stress, hormonal imbalance, toxins that we sometimes get exposure to or even trauma.

The options available to couples dealing with infertility are often expensive, tedious and painful.

Infertility does have negative connotations and it’s these connotations that we are trying to break – it’s a very private issue and perhaps a decade or so ago people were not reporting it as much or talking about it as openly – but more and more we are seeing this change. There is often this dynamic that because the woman is not falling pregnant, she is unworthy or incapable. This responsibility often naturally falls on the shoulders of women and now more than ever, we are seeing a shift with more men being diagnosed with infertility.

It’s never too early to find out what options are available now to improve your chances of conceiving.

People can find more information and solutions available to them on our website www.fertilitysolutions.co.za.

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