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Fertility Products is a subsidiary of Fertility Solutions. We source and feature top fertility products that we believe in, from numerous trusted suppliers within South Africa. Our goal is to have a one-stop online store making it easier for couples or individuals looking for products to assist their fertility. Fast, reliable and trusted products, delivered straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa.

Ovulation Kits

Ovulation tests check for the presence of ovarian hormones and your reproductive system’s ability to reach the release stage in the menstrual cycle. Some tests focus on finding out when your ovulation is likely to occur, while others assess the number of follicles in your ovaries. Fertility experts generally recommend starting ovulation tests around five days before ovulation, as this is when your body is most likely to produce high levels of progesterone, which often leads to ovulation.

Women’s Ovulation Calculator is a handy ovulation test.

Pearl Fertility Kit

The Pearl Fertility Kit is also a great way to track your cycle and keep track of ovulation. Take the guesswork out of cycle tracking. Track your hormones with the Pearl Fertility Kit.

Fertility Boosting Supplements

Our Fertility Boosting Supplements include brands such as Fertivor, Fertipil Plus, Supreme Fertility and many more. These supplements help to boost fertility by boosting ovulation and stimulating sperms and eggs. It’s crucial for women who are trying to conceive to take these supplements regularly as they increase libido and improve your fertility levels.


Fertivor (Female Fertility) is a nutritional fertility supplement integrating several key ingredients that safely and naturally promote the production of cervical fluids, supports the ”thinning” of the mucus, increases hydration of the mucin, promotes a healthy uterine lining and promotes mucus alkalinity.

Fertipil Plus

Fertipil Plus for Women is designed to improve fertility and enhance general reproductive health. Fertipil plus helps to normalize female hormone levels, reduces chances of neural tube defects, improves uterine lining and egg quality and increases chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Pregnancy Tests

Clearblue Pregnancy Test is a convenient, clear and reliable pregnancy test. Unlike regular pregnancy tests, Clearblue is over 99% accurate. That is pretty accurate if you ask me. Pregnancy tests could give you a false negative or a false positive but not Clearblue. This test is reliable, accurate and sensitive to all the major chemicals found in the urine. All Clearblue pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate from the day you expect your period. All Clearblue pregnancy tests are designed with women in mind, and include unique and innovative features to make them easy to use and easy to read, so you can be confident in your result, helping reassure you when you need it most.

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