Fertility Clinics Are Open But For Many The Fear Is Not Over

Fertility Clinics Are Open But For Many The Fear Is Not Over

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown level 5 put a pause on many things. One of these is Fertility Treatments. International clients who had scheduled fertility treatments were unable to fly to SA and have their treatments done. Treatments were going to be delayed or paused for an indefinite period of time.

Although the clinic closures were an understandable part of coronavirus restrictions, and a necessary measure to protect many people, couples facing infertility have had it tough.How long would couples have to wait until they could have a chance to attempt conception? What would be the fate of those patients who found themselves “ageing out” and missing their opportunity for treatments?

Fertility patients already have stress on their shoulders and this just adds to the pressure.

Some patients are, of course, optimistic and eager to resume their treatment plans as soon as possible.

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