Does Ovulation Happen Before Or After A Period?

Does ovulation happen before or after a period? That’s a question people have asked themselves at one time or another. It’s a legitimate question, but one that’s complicated by the fact that it involves two different things. On one hand, there’s the question of whether your period comes before or after ovulation. On the other hand, there’s the question of whether or not you’re actually fertile when you’re most fertile—which can make for some very confusing looking periods!

How long does it take for sperm to travel from the vagina to the womb? What happens if sperm does end up in your womb but doesn’t fertilize an egg? These are questions that people have had trouble answering for a long time because there weren’t specific markers available to measure when an egg was ready for fertilization. Sperm can swim faster than a fertilized egg, so it usually takes about 14-15 minutes for sperm to reach the uterus after sex.

Ovulation can be caused by anything that affects the female reproductive system, from medications to stress. Things like medications that disrupt menstrual activity (like birth control pills) or ailments that can affect your reproductive organs like gestational diabetes can prevent you from ovulating or getting pregnant. Regardless of why you’re not experiencing a period, it’s important to know how your body knows when it’s fertile and when it should make preparations for bringing a baby into this world.

If you’re trying to have a baby, understanding exactly when ovulation will occur is very helpful. Ovulation occurs about two weeks before you would expect your period. It typically occurs 12-14 days after the first day of your last period. Just keep an eye out for other symptoms like tender breasts and increased sexual desire. These can help determine fertile days as well.

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