Danya Falkson Fertility Dietitian

Danya Falkson Fertility Dietitian

Hi, I’m Danya, your new favourite fertility nutrition specialist.

I’m a Registered Dietitian in Johannesburg, here to help you on your fertility journey with personalised nutrition advice.

I have a degree in Dietetics (University of Pretoria, 2019), and I studied fertility via the Early Life Nutrition Alliance. As a Registered Dietitian who has studied genetics, hormone health and fertility in-depth, I have the passion, skill, and experience to help you understand your body’s nutrition needs to have a healthy baby.

I also have the nutrition know-how to support you if you have chronic conditions like diabetes, PCOS, celiac disease or endometriosis that may affect fertility.

I can help you confidently navigate nutrition for fertility while being your support against ‘superfood’ claims, magic nutrition shakes and well-intended, anecdotal advice from laymen and professionals alike.

There are no clear-cut nutrients which are sure to help everyone. Through personalised nutrition therapy, I work with you to incorporate the nutrients that your body needs from foods and sources that suit you.

That doesn’t mean tossing the contents of your pantry and starting from scratch: we’ll be adjusting your current meals, snacks, and dietary habits to work towards fertility with real, sustainable changes.

Services offered:

  • Nutrition Therapy for Fertility
  • Personalised Dietary Adjustments
  • Hormonal Imbalances Affecting Fertility
  • Chronic Diseases Affecting Fertility
  • Recurrent Miscarriages

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+27 (0) 64 506 9745

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91 Iris Road, Life on Iris Centre, Norwood, Johannesburg


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