Celebrating World Fertility Day

So many people dream of getting married and having a family. Unfortunately infertility can quickly turn this beautiful dream into a very real nightmare. World Fertility Day on 2nd November reminds couples that they are not alone and that a successful pregnancy is still possible.

What is infertility?

Infertility is characterised as the inability to conceive after one year of frequent, unprotected intercourse. It is estimated that 15% of couples will be affected by this  condition during their lifetime and sadly this number is rising. The cause of infertility is often varied and multi-layered. This makes treatment challenging and prolongs the achievement of a successful outcome.

More than a medical anomaly

The real problem with infertility however is the effect that it has on the mental and emotional well-being of the couples who carry this label. For some it is not only seen as a medical deficiency but as a failure to perform as a man or woman. This erroneous philosophy lies at the heart of the infertility myth and leads to many other false ideas. It is also the root cause of the pain and isolation that couples experience.

Breaking the power of infertility

The power of infertility lies in its hidden shame. The stigma surrounding this condition is still very prevalent in certain communities and as a result many couples suffer in silence because they fear judgement. Talking openly about this diagnosis helps couples to come to grips with their reality and receive emotional support during their journey.

World Fertility Day promotes this kind of healing dialogue by dispelling the myths surrounding infertility. It also creates awareness about the various medical solutions available to couples struggling to conceive.

Making a difference

Here at Fertility Solutions our mission is to assist in the fight against infertility and provide the latest information and resources to help couples in their quest to start a family. This year Fertility Solutions will celebrate World Fertility Day by hosting a series of talks with some of South Africa’s leading fertility specialists. The talks will take place on a variety of social media platforms and cover important topics such as recurrent miscarriages, male infertility, available treatments and more. You will also hear actress and presenter Therese Bam share her personal success story!

Listeners will stand a chance to win some great prizes, so join us on Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday, 2nd November.


By Cindy Harker

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