An Endo Friendly Eating Plan

What foods to eat and what to avoid

Women who suffer from endometriosis should avoid fatty foods, such as red meat and high fat dairy foods that may be high in PCBs and dioxins, to reduce their exposure to these estrogenic pesticidesadds. Using or even growing organic foods when you can, and peeling your fruits and vegetables. Let’s have a look at some endo friendly food options that are less likely to increase symptoms and help keep a healthy diet.

The PMS reliever:

2% or less Greek or Skyr youghurt, mixed berries, chia and pumpkin seeds.

Calcium relaxes muscle and nerve contractions, making calcium enriched foods a good option for relieving common PMS symptoms. Nuts and seeds, particularly pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and almonds are good sources of magnesium which aid in muscle relaxation and calm inflammation.

The inflammation fighter:

Mediterranean omelette with olives, feta, tomato and pepper.

This meal idea is packed with inflammation fighting healthy fats, (like that coming from olives), polyphenols (from colourful produce such as tomato and pepper) and nutrient dense eggs lacking in only one nutrient, to nourish a body in need of nutrition.

The blood flow supporter:

Natural oats with cocoa powder, chia seeds and berries of banana.

Cocoa powder is an amazing polyphenol rich food with blood flow promoting properties. Chia seeds are rich in magnesium which helps not only with inflammation and muscle contractions, but also blood sugar stability and energy production and nerve conduction.

The liver lover:

Organic tofu scramble with nutritional yeast and assorted vegetables.

Tofu is rich in phytestrogens that promotes healthy estrogen levels. It’s also rich in iron, a liver loving mineral. Nutritional yeast is a powerhouse food, high in many B vitamins another liver loving vitamins that promote liver health and hormone balance. 

The love your guts:

Overnight oats with yogurt, almonds  and fruit.

Uncooked oats are a fantastic source of resistant starch (a type of fibre that your gut loves). Almonds are a probiotic food

that feed Lactobacillus bacteria (among others). Add your favourite fruit to give it some flavour and a scoop of your favourite protein powder. Extra probiotics if you can add an extra scoop of Greek yogurt.

The make now, enjoy later:

Egg cups with your favourite vegetables and gluten free bread.

Egg cups can be batch prepared, frozen and reheated when you’re ready to enjoy. Mix your favourite vegetables in for some added inflammation fighting benefits and enjoy with two slices of a  gluten free bread of your choice.

The inflammation rainbow:

Burrito with beans, tomato, corn, avocado, salsa, coriander, and peppers on a gluten free wrap.

Colours from plant foods equate to more diversity of the gut microbiome. More diversity in the gut means less bloating, inflammation, better nutrient absorption and synthesis and improve the elimination of excess hormones and toxins.

The healthy but busy:

Gluten free toast with almond butter, hemp hearts, banana and one glass of organic unsweetened soy milk.

A simple but nutritious meal that you can make when having a hectic day. Almond butter is a source of vitamin E (an antioxidant), that supports health, progesterone levels and egg quality. The toast is not enough protein so be sure to pair with your favourite choice of high protein unsweetened milk.

Small steps towards healthier consumption substitutes can make a huge difference. 

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