5 Tips To Ensure Healthy Sperm

A Lot of people don’t understand the nuances of male infertility versus female infertility. There are many studies showing that up to 25 percent of couples will find difficulties achieving pregnancy after six to eight months of trying, this is why we found it valuable to provide insight on tips to ensure healthy sperm.

Traditionally women were blamed mostly for fertility issues and over the years that has changed. In fact up to forty percent of the time in couples men are the problem therefore they need to get evaluated just as often as females to make sure couples are given the best possible chance at conceiving.

Here are five tips that men can use to improve their sperm:

TIP #1
Sperm likes to be a little bit colder than the rest of the body as heat kills sperm count. Avoid putting your laptop on your lap. When a man has a laptop directly on his lap it actually cooks his thighs and therefore his testicles

TIP #2
stay out of the hot tubs, stay out of the saunas, stay out of hot yoga, anything that really keeps that core body temperature up is going to cook those sperm and not make them viable.

TIP #3
Eat your vegetables and fruit. When men have diets that are high in antioxidants and deep colored vegetables like beetroot, blueberries, kale are good for improving sperm motility and
the quality of sperm.

TIP #4
Exercise,exercise,exercise more. This is very important because we know that the men that are
out there exercising whether it’s running whether it’s swimming whether it’s weightlifting any of those things can really help improve the quality of sperm number

TIP #5
You can have coffee but not too much. Two to three cups a day has been shown to help improve the utility of sperm so that they can get to where they need to go faster and better. Men that drink too much coffee greater than six cups have been shown to have impaired fertility.

This is our five tips to improving sperm count by making small, needed changes.

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